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    Potential repurposing of Lego Dimensions USB Portal?

    So, I have no idea if it can be done or not, but I believe since Lego Dimensions portals are able to read and write on the dimensions nfc pieces, and have a usb plug that can be inserted into a pc, could it be used to read and write on nfc compatible cards/figures/pieces? This also applies to disney infinity and skylanders portals, since they use a usb connection and have reading/writing capabilities on their nfc figures. I'd attempt it myself if I knew how to work with coding, but I don't. So if anyone with enough interest and skill could figure it out, it would definitely be useful for people who've already got the portals and figures to rewrite things without needing to spend more money on additional equipment.

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    tl;dr: no, its easier to buy a cheap reader/writer off amazon

    With the exception of the xbox versions of the portal[1], most of the rest (skylanders, LD, DI) show up as a Human Interface Device (HID) to the computer. Efforts have already been made to communicate with the portals over USB (see list below). The problem is that these portals have a custom interface that isn't compatible with common NFC libraries (libnfc, pc/sc), and they generally are limited in what types of tags they can read, and how they can read/write to them. For example, all of the tags have some sort of 'password'(PWD) or 'keys' required to read/write, so with few exceptions[2] you wouldn't be able to use a tag you bought off amazon since it would have the factory default password/key.

    [1] The xbox versions have extra encryption, so they don't work at all on a computer
    [2] The wireless (BLE) trap team portal for Skylanders actually has a command to support a speficifed key for authentication.

    Small sample of projects:
    Lego Dimensions:
    Disney Infinity:

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