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    New User Guide for Skylanders, Amiibo , and Lego Dimensions (WIP)

    None of this will be new to most of you on this site, but I found digging up the info to be a bit cumbersome and want to alleviate this for others.

    Recently I decided to jump in to cloning NFC toys because the family wants them - yet they are nowhere to be found outside of paying high amounts to scalpers and resellers. I have a decent size collection of toys to life, but I can't access parts of the games without many near impossible figures to find.

    So here are the resources I used.
    Prerequisites: Android Phone, Windows PC.

    I bought a 1" hole punch and 1" plastic cases. I then printed out pictures for the 1", hole punched them, stick the NFC tags to them, and put them in the plastic cases. Makes it feel a bit more complete than using a goofy fob or keycard looking thing.

    Plastic Coin Containers (~$8)
    1" Circle Hole Punch (~$4)

    Amiibo resource I used:

    Shopping list:
    ntag215 (varies in price, this is 100 for $20)

    1. Install the Android App - TagMo
    Make sure you download the release from github (2.7). The previous version was broken for me, 2.7 worked perfectly.

    2. Load the keys into TagMo.
    Download the keys from the NFC Bank link. This download also has the old version of the app. Save them to an easy to find folder on your Android device (I left them in my downloads folder). In TagMo, click settings and you will see that 2 options for keys are not loaded. Tap those and locate your key files.

    3. Load the bins from this site of the Amiibo you want to your Android phone. Supposedly you should put them in a specific folder, but I extracted them to my downloads folder and TagMo found them after a decently lengthy loading screen.

    4. Start writing to your NFC215s! I'll update this with screenshots and more specifics, but it is fairly straight forward.

    Lego Dimensions Resource: (download) (some discussion)

    Shopping List:
    ntag213 (100 for $8.77 US + Shipping)

    This is easy like Amiibo! Install the Android App (ldtageditor), hit 'Read', touch the blank tag to it, and write a LD vehicle or character to it. That really is all that there is to it.

    Note: I thought the app wasn't working when I touched an actual LD character/vehicle to it. It simply rumbled and then did nothing. You must be using a writable tag for the app to respond. Some of your purchased NFC tags might not work at first - it may be worth using NFC Tools Pro to write and format the ones that weren't working. I've read about failure rates being up to 3 in 10 tags.

    Skylanders Resource:

    Shopping List:
    ACR122u ($20-$35)
    NFC Tags (Varies in price, this is 5 for ~$2)

    By far the most complicated and expensive one. This amounts to installing the software, plugging in the ACR122u, having your skylanders bins ready (converting them as per the tutorial), using the software to write the tag. Follow the well written directions in the guide I linked. The creator, skylanderscloner, stated he is working on an even more streamlined version too!

    If you found the items I listed above for cheaper or from a better source, please let others know!

    This is a WIP. I plan to add screenshots and troubleshoot along the way. I also plan to report on which tags seem to work for me and which ones don't. At this time, don't purchase any of the above items - I am still waiting on them to arrive. I have only tested with other local tags that are cost prohibitive so far.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or want something added to the guide.

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    I'm new here on the forum, although I have been following as a visitor for some time.
    Thank you very much for doing this tutorial. A lot was clear to understand after that.

    I have already ordered some parts to perform the tests.

    What about Disney Infinity? Is there any possibility of writing the toys in NFC tags?

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    What about Disney Infinity? Is there any possibility of writing the toys in NFC tags?
    DI uses Mifare Mini with a double size UID. If you can find somewhere that sells them, let me know.

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    Is there another way to write a bin file to an ntag213 if the required object / character is not available in the app? (Download from here)

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