I ordered 20 NTAG215 chips from amazon for 18$ CAD, I thought this was an amazing idea since I have a Powersaves for Amiibo scanner (lost the powertag) and I thought I could write different amiibos to these chips.

Right now it is not working because I forgot that these chips are not "Powertags" so the Powersaves scanner cannot write amiibos to them.

I googled and googled, apparently I need a samsung device which I am not willing to spend money on at all right now, however I heard on the amazon review or description there is a way on the pc i guess by using a nfc dongle usb device of some sort.

I have questions, please help.

1. What is the solution to write amiibos to the NTAG215s, without a samsung w/ nfc capability?

2. Can I use a USB dongle nfc reader to the pc and somehow download tagmo to my computer? (windows 10, i5 7th gen, 1000gb space, 8gb ram)

3. Is there any way to use Powersaves for Amiibo to read the nfc chip or anything?

4. Any solution for my circumstances? if none just tell me you have to buy a samsung.

Any responses will be appreciated