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Thread: N2 Elite (formerly Amiiqo) Android App Updated to v2.0.1

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    N2 Elite (formerly Amiiqo) Android App Updated to v2.0.1

    16/04 - Android App 2.0.1 Update Just Released!

    The N2 Elite team is back with a new and improved app for Android users for their amazing device, so you can better enjoy using all those hundreds of Amiibo's and soon there will be some more key updates to bring you even more wonderful new features.
    16/04 - Android App 2.0.1 Update Just Released:
    • Fixed bug in retail name for unknown figurines.
    • Fixed crash if device has no NFC adapter.
    • Fixed crash on scanning unsupported tags.
    • Fixed crash in some cases when the tag was shortly disconnected.
    • Removed lock button to avoid users locking since not needed right now.
    • Improved image loading times.
    New version is already available direct from our own NFC-Bank Download Section, located right HERE!
    As a first major step in a series of key updates, please find in our download section our new N2 Elite app.

    Beside an improved interface, you will also find added support Mario Sports Superstars and a few more fixes and improvements.
    More to come soon, including some very exciting news and new uses and compatibility.

    N2 Elite allows its users to easily manage and carry hundreds of Amiibos (for now), improve their characters and also basically use it as a cheat device.
    More info can be found on
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    I'd instantly buy it if it would allow for more than only 200 amiibo to be stored.

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