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Thread: 2016 Q2 Contest Winners

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    Cool 2016 Q2 Contest Winners

    Another quarter of 2016 has passed by here at, so time to announced the Giveaway Contest Winners for the months of APRIL / MAY / JUNE / JULY:


    obiima - Pokemon - 4 - N2^Elite + USB Reader/Writer (Combo)
    phant0mg33k - Cheats - 1 - N2^Elite (standalone)


    amiibobug - Kirby - 5 - N2^Elite + USB Reader/Writer (Combo)
    19cookies - Happy Home Designer - 2 - N2^Elite (standalone)


    hany - Disney - 16 - N2^Elite + USB Reader/Writer (Combo)
    n3evin - Kirby - 1 - N2^Elite (standalone)


    LD560 - Happy - 3 - N2^Elite + USB Reader/Writer (Combo)
    azureuz - Splatoon - 2 - N2^Elite (standalone)
    Our thanks to all the great uploaders, and good luck to everyone for the next month, we looking forward to having a busy month and tough time picking out the winners!
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