[Breath_of_the_Wild] Amiibo_Compilation


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[Breath_of_the_Wild] Amiibo_Compilation

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  • Author BaZZtian
  • Uploaded 04-06-2017, 04:16 PM
  • Last Updated 04-06-2017, 06:32 PM
  • Category Zelda
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Hey Folks,
i put all usefull Amiibos for you together in one DL with high res Pics!

[#SPOOF] Link Majora's Mask.bin
[#SPOOF] Link Skyward Sword.bin
[Breath_of_the_Wild]Bokoblin .bin
  1. Scrollogy
    When I try to extract the files it says they are corrupted. Any way to fix this issue?
  2. PaperSnake
    Awesome thank you!
  3. Rayden
    thank you very much! this is all the amiibo i've wanted for Breath of the Wild. I'm gonna purchase a N2Elite tomorrow, and pray that my phone works with nfc :P once again, thank you
  4. Xanxor
    I had a strange issue where multiple tags were registering as the same amiibo after writing them. After resetting them and registering them to myself they all run as intended. Great pack.
  5. wesker_0957217
    please help i cant download any amiibo any idea ?
  6. CyberInferno
    Just a heads up to the creator and others downloading. As of 2017-05-10, the "[Super_Smash_Bros._Brawl]Toon_Link.bin" file is actually the Wind Waker amiibo instead of the SSB amiibo. I downloaded an SSB amiibo separately on the site to confirm.

    Aside from that, this is a really great pack! Thanks!
  7. ziggurism
    According to reports I have read, there are three unreleased amiibo that work with Breath of the Wild: Majora's Mask Fierce Deity Link, Skyward Sword Link, and Twilight Princess Link. The Twilight Princess Link will be different from Wolf Link and Midna amiibo, but it will have the same drops as Super Smash Brothers Link. In other words, it gives you Twilight Armor set, not wolf link. This amiibo is not included in this download, and I don't find it on the site. Is it not available?
  8. yann7945
    j ai un probleme je n ai pas l image qui correspond a l amiibo.

    une solution ?
  9. MikL23
    Nickel, tous les amiibo en un seul pack, dont deux pas encore dispo officiellement !!
    Je teste ca samedi. Thanks !

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