Shovel Knight - level 50 with everything unlocked

Shovel Knight level 50 with everything unlocked.

  • baron set
  • fish head

special fx
  • shadow trail
  • fire wake
  • shimmer step
  • cute bee
  • ghost friend
  • fairy follower

  • rainbow spit
  • wolf whistle
  • annoying laugh
  • feign death

  • flare wand
  • flareo rod
  • phase locket
  • fishing rod
  • bait bomb
  • troupple chalice
  • troupple chalice
  • chaos sphere
  • throwing anchor
  • tow anchor
  • dust knuckles
  • ghost glove
  • mobile gear
  • buzzsaw boomerang
  • alchemy coin
  • fleet
  • flask
  • shadow knight
  • propeller dagger
  • rising dagger
  • infinidagger
  • war horn

  • burrow bomber
  • flare razer
  • bomb burst
  • blink dash
  • coin capture

  • dash boots
  • shovel blade max
  • glide cloud
  • double jump
  • diagonal drop
  • bounce bomb

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