Pearl and Marina amiibo (spoofed)


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Pearl and Marina amiibo (spoofed)

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Numbering ID is currently FF FF FF FF.

  1. crisftw
    These don't work with the latest update of Splatoon 2 as of today
  2. phx
    Some people in Australia have already received their Pearl and Marina amiibos and they're not working with splatoon 2 yet. It seems nintendo is releasing a game update when the amiibos are officially released, that enables them. So we don't yet know if these spoofed ones are correct or not
  3. KakarotJr
    How do you decrypt this to edit it and what software do I use?
  4. Xerxes3rd
    These files are hex edits of the Marie amiibo also found on NFC Bank. You can't just modify the IDs on encrypted amiibo; you have to decrypt them, then modify IDs, then re-encrypt.

    In these files, the character ID is set to 0x0803 for Pearl and 0x0804 for Marina. I'm guessing those IDs are (reasonable) assumptions, but it's possible they'll be swapped (0x0804 for Pearl and 0x0803 for Marina). The amiibo IDs (currently 0xFFFF for both) will probably be either 0x036C and 0x036D (although those two and 0x036E might be used for three upcoming Shovel Knight amiibos) or 0x0376 and 0x0377.

    Edit: I tade tags with character ID 0x0803 and IDs 0x036C, 0x036D, 0x0376, and 0x0377, then scanned them in Splatoon 2 version 3.0.1, and for each one, the message was "Please try an amiibo that is compatible with Splatoon 2."
  5. tanickovic
    decrypt error. too help me plz.
  6. dc414
    these files dont seem to work. failure to decrypt error.
  7. Popeye
    Hello, and first of all thank you for your work.

    I would like to know if the files can be used now or do I have to wait for the Splatoon 2 game update?

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