Bayonetta 2 special amiibo.


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Bayonetta 2 special amiibo.

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All amiibo you can use to unlock special costumes and goodies in Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Switch!

Bayonetta - Player 1 (Super Smash Bros. series)

- Unlocks all Super Mirror 2 costumes

Bayonetta - Player 2

- Unlocks all Super Mirror 1 costumes

Peach or Peach - Wedding Outfit (Super Smash Bros or Super Mario series)

- Unlocks Mushroom Kingdom Princess costume

Daisy (Super Mario series)

- Unlocks Sarasaland Princess costume

Link or Toon Link (Super Smash Bros or Legend of Zelda series)

- Unlocks Hero of Hyrule costume

Samus or Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros or Metroid series)

- Unlocks Galactic Bounty Hunter costume

Fox or Falco (Super Smash Bros. series)

- Unlocks Star Mercenary costume

Bowser or Bowser - Wedding Outfit (Super Smash Bros or Super Mario series)

- Unlocks Chain Chomp weapon

Bowser Jr. (Super Smash Bros series)

- Unlocks Chain Chomp weapon

Boo, Goomba or Koopa Troopa (Super Mario series)

- Unlocks Chain Chomp weapon
  1. Seyb
    Bayonetta + Bayonetta Player 2 worked well with TagMo. I didn't try the other Bins.

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