All Figures / Cards Compiled and Arranged (03-07-2018)


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All Figures / Cards Compiled and Arranged (03-07-2018)

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All Figures / Cards (That I could find in the site) Compiled and Arranged according to the Nintendo Wikia + the ones not listed in their separate folders.

Good day!

Since I've gotten a lot from this site, I would like to give back. I have compiled All (hopefully, but correct me if I'm wrong) the figures and cards that is available from this site without duplicates. I've arranged them in a way that mirrors the arrangement from this list: ( None of this is from me, as everything in this zip is just compiled from the users that uploaded theirs, so all credits go to them, I simply compiled and arranged them to help me keep track, and now I decided to share it.

The folders are as follows:
01- Super Smash Bros
02- Super Mario
03- Legend of Zelda
04- Splatoon
05- Yoshi's Wooly World
06- Super Mario 30th Anniversary
07- Kirby
08- Fire Emblem
09- Metroid
10- Others
11- Skylanders
12- Animal Crossing
13- Pokken Tournament
14- Mario Sports Superstars
15- Monster Hunter
16- Super Mario Cereal

I haven't checked every single one of them (specially the Animal Crossing ones) so kindly tell me if something is wrong or not working. Thanks, and I hope this helps in any way.
  1. fragmo
    Thank you for this!


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