Wolf Link (20 Hearts, Cave of Shadows Beaten, B40)


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Wolf Link (20 Hearts, Cave of Shadows Beaten, B40)

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  • Uploaded 02-04-2017, 01:49 PM
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Wasn't really sure if the B6 version submitted with 20 hearts would suffice (due to the fact that the nintendo trailer for the wolf link amiibo says to complete the cave of shadows) when Breath of the Wild comes out, so i used PyCheat and Gecko with infinite HP and completed all 40 floors with 20 hearts, and saved it onto the amiibo bin i have just uploaded.

Anyways, this is a Wolf Link Amiibo Bin with 20 Hearts and the Cave of Shadows (floor B40) completed!

Hope everybody enjoy's the 20 heart wolf when Breath of the Wild comes out!
  1. Glint30
    this is the second 20heart wolf link ive tried and this only gives me a 3 heart wolf link...
  2. Marcosgomes030281
    How do i run into botw?
    I did not understand how it works.
    I use amiiqo and it works with all characters ... only this wolf link does not work.

  3. darkrebel08
    I just tried this with the powersave and can confirm it works perfectly in BotW

  4. Marcosgomes030281
    No working in the zelda breath of the wild

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